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Frequently Asked Question

Day trading is where the trader buys and sells his stocks on the same day. He gets in and out of the market on the same day and does not hold his position overnight or for a week.
You can start trading if you have Rs.25, 000 at the minimum. But there should be enough funds for margins payable to the exchanges through brokers and this margin could be 5-10% of the value of the contract.
Enrich your knowledge on the trade market, never average up or down, learn where to cut the losses and use trailing stops when profits are running. For new traders it is important to stick with the number of positions and contracts you are comfortable with. Approach the market with a positive attitude, trade for profit and not for fun. To start with choose two or three trading strategies and trade with them only.
Market risk is the risk that investors of the stocks that are publicly held, use to value your stocks at a lower multiple of sales or earning that you did when the stocks were first bought.
You could benefit from two types of support from us. First is an intraday trading tip which is for short term players trading at the terminals. We offer support on future stocks and cash stocks in intraday trading. Second type of support is daily trading where we would offer you the levels on various stocks which you could follow based on the trend of the share.
We offer all our recommendation through SMS and offer live guidance through yahoo chat.
No, we don't provide any free call service/demo.
All calls are mediated over SMS and yahoo messenger service and would have the following abbreviations. SL- Stop loss; TG- target and CMP- current market price
You could complete the subscription form available on website to subscribe or take advice from our 24/7 support team for assistance.
We accept demand drafts, cash deposits, online payment methods and cheque for payment.
Account gets active after payment gets received in our bank accounts.
Yes, we send daily and weekly newsletter to our clients or they can directly access to our website.
We do not offer guarantee but would help you minimize your losses and help you gain more profits. There are three stages that any trader has to follow. First he has to give losses, second is the break seven points that is no profit and no loss stage and third is the stage he starts earning profits.
We offer all recommendation after analyzing the market completely so you would not end up earning losses mostly, but money paid is not refundable in any case.

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